Our Mission

Every life has meaning and we believe that everyone should have the chance to succeed.

We are passionate about dance and champion its power to instill focus, creative thinking and clarity of purpose in people who are excluded, at-risk and vulnerable.

We are committed to artistic excellence and the highest standards of dance teaching, and through this we will ensure that all those we work with recognise their potential and develop the skills to lead productive, fruitful lives.

Having gathered a sound body of evidence in support of the transformative power of what we do, we strive for our intensive dance-based interventions to have a recognised place within mainstream programmes of education, social inclusion, mental health and criminal justice.

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Having Some DAT Courage

It is very easy to get pulled into worrying about the DAT exam. It starts usually as the exam looms a little closer, ie within a couple of weeks of the exam, and is most often all about whether or not you will turn out to be capable of passing the exam. And that is why you simply need some courage and a bit of advice, which I will give you now. The courage to pass this exam and believe genuinely that you can, only can come from a decent source of study prep such as Chad’s videos for the DAT. I have used such materials in the past and I firmly believe that they stood me in good stead for this exam. One great thing about Chad’s videos is that they are updated on a pretty regular basis, which means that they are great for you because they will teach you exactly the things you need to know to pass this exam. And then it simply comes down to how much time that you have got and can give to using the studying materials that you manage to acquire. If you can give lots of time then you will be rewarded for sure!

A CPA Study Turnaround

If in the last few months since you booked your CPA exam, you have not studied very hard, or even if you have not studied at all, you can attempt a CPA study turnaround where you go through all the stuff you need to learn quickly in a mad dash before the exam date. To do this you really need at least 2 weeks worth of time for it to have a realistic chance of working, but I guess you will want to attempt it even if you have less time available than that so really it is a waste of time me writing in a time frame. Although of course if you have done no studying yet and there is only a few days left before the exam then really you are completely doomed and you might as well not even turn up for the exam. Anyhow, the best thing you could do today is get Becker’s CPA review guide and learn every minute little spec of information from within it. Do maybe 5 hours of work per day – because that is about the length of time that your brain can realistically take in information at a decent rate – and that will give you a top chance of success.

An SAT exam nightmare

The SAT exam can very quickly and rapidly turn into a complete nightmare if you are not careful. You can be sat there in the exam and more or less it can be all over before it has really gotten started in the first 10 minutes. This usually only occurs if you are one of those people who did not buy decent SAT books before the exam, to learn from. Either that or in a totally different scenario, you may have bought the correct books but failed to actually use them when the time was right to do so. Either one of those things happening is a huge mistake. I mean really, how can a person’s career move forwards and become more successful if they are making mistakes such as those identified above? It is more or less impossible, which is why I just wanted to give you some stern words of warning on this page. You cannot afford to let your guard down in the prep period for this exam. It is just too crucial an exam. I know you have probably taken some really unimportant exams in your past but that was years ago now and none of it matters anymore, but this one is important!

Will your mom be proud of your CFA exam efforts?

It is always great to make your parents proud in your exams and later on, in your full career too. It is not the be all and end all, but it is a nice bonus if, as well as making yourself proud (which is the most important thing) you can additionally make your folks proud too. They did their best to bring you up and so it is nice to return the favor by showing them that you can make a career success out of yourself. The thing is, they aren’t going to be proud if all you do is try hard in your CFA exam. A person can try as hard as they like in that exam, but they will not pass if they do not endure a strong CFA study prep period before the exam even comes along. This is what you need to do. For an extended period of time, you need to get into studying, and if your mom can see that you put all that effort into your studies to make the exam go well, then I’m sure she’s going to end up proud. There’s some super CFA courses that you can use for this, so be sure to capitalize on that.

Getting into an LSAT Study Rage

A lot of LSAT students find themselves filled with rage during their studies. This usually happens after they have been studying daily for a long time (like several months) and comes as a result of doing sessions that last too long. Because honestly if you are studying for more than 4 hours in a single day then you are probably going to get fed up of the study materials sooner or later, which of course would cause big problems (study rage, as I already stated). The better option would be to take a complete opposite approach of that. Do just 2 or 3 hours of work per day, and then take the rest of the day to do other things. There is no doubt in my mind that you have plenty on your plate in terms of things to get done, so this could actually be a win win situation that would work out very well for you. And as long as you have got top LSAT prep courses, or a minimum of one course, anyway, then surely an hour or so per day is all that you are ever going to need. This advice should work for most students and hopefully that will include you.

Breaking the BAR exam learning code

There is an unspoken code of conduct that a lot of the successful BAR exam students go through in order to pass their exam. I want to make a change to that so that this code gets talked about, and I have decided that within this article is the place to do it. Many BAR students will decide that the fantastic BARmax review is the right one to learn from, and this is the first part of the code of conduct that I am talking about. Selecting study materials that give you all of the updated information that you need, is a step that cannot be underestimated. I mean sure, you can choose other study contents, but the key word is “updated”. Many of the other BAR exam reviews are not updated so often as the BARmax one, meaning that it represents the best value out of what is available in 2015. After you have bought that product you can then move on to the second part of the code, which is to do lots of revision and other types of learning from your study materials. These sessions are crucial to the success that your career will have in the future, so I sincerely hope that you manage to do them.

Getting Your Geek on for the GRE exam

Most of the time being a geek is a really bad thing. Geeks have terrible social lives and pretty much never get laid, so their lives to tend to suck. However there is a couple of times in your life when being a geek would actually favor you. If you could be a geek just for a couple of hours a day so that you could find it easy to sit down and study from best GRE prep courses, then this would be excellent. It would mean that come the time of the exam you would be more than ready for the questions that are sure to bombard you, but it will not matter when that happens if you do a proper study program because you will be able to simply bat away each question very simple as and when it comes at you. A lot of students find themselves overwhelmed by the exam but the one thing that can prevent that is your GRE study materials. The big message to take away from this article is to trust your intelligence, hone in your confidence, and embrace your inner geek so that you can do serious damage to the GRE exam!

Be an infosec superstar

Only very few of the students who sit the infosec exams could be regarded as superstars of these exams. There’s a few different exams and a hell of a lot of content to get covered and to allow to sink into your mind, and after a while most people just get fed up of studying and they perform in a rather average fashion on the exams. This is fine because they often do enough to earn a pass, but some don’t quite make the grade which is why aiming for average is not good enough – it may lead to you falling just short. However if you were to aim for infosec stardom, by passing the exam with a super high mark, that would be much better for you. You would then be able to allow for some leeway in terms of not quite doing as well as you’d hoped, because even if you just missed out on getting the mark you wanted, you would still ultimately be given a pass, which as we all know is the only thing that, when push comes to shove, matters. Achieving superstar status involves having top infosec training and being highly persistent in your efforts on a daily basis for a few weeks.

Your GMAT Learning Adventures

When you are learning for the GMAT exam, it can feel like a roller coaster ride of adventures at times. You just never know when you are going to get stuck. You can be breezing through the content of your great GMAT prep (I hope it’s great anyway – otherwise it means you picked badly) and then all of a sudden you can find yourself unable to understand something that you come across, and from there problems can begin. You can sit there confused for hours not knowing why this part of the study material is causing your brain to scramble so much. It is frustrating, I can tell you. I have been in that position more than once before, which is why I can sympathize with anyone who is in the same complication, and that is why I wanted to talk about this here on the blog today. The advice I have is to move on from the part you get stuck on, and carry on studying more (other) content, but make a note that you failed to understand it before, so that you can revisit it later. I think that if you go back to it one morning when you feel fresh you have a better chance of understanding it.

Finding CMA Study Energy

Perhaps you have a rigorous day job that you have to be constantly available for, or maybe you have other studies to take care of too. There are a whole range of things that could be stopping you from having the energy to study regularly for the CMA exam. My message in this post today is to say that I really believe that you should be reorganizing your daily to do’s so that doing studying for the CMA exam becomes a higher priority in your life. It is difficult to fathom failing the exam, so I honestly suggest that you dig deep and find the energy to study from elsewhere. Because really we all only have a certain amount of energy available to us which has to be spread throughout our activities. We can create a bit more energy if necessary but usually this leads to us feeling exhausted eventually and this results in less productivity (or no productivity at all). That isn’t good enough so you need to spread your energy out and give a generous amount of it to studying from your CMA prep course. I know many students who have done this and they always seem to get the result they desired on the exam.